Coaching Business in a Box Kit

Everything You Need to Start or Build a Successful Coaching Business Today

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How to Start and Run a Successful Coaching Practice

Life Coaching Expert Advice for Coaches

Coaching Business in a Box Success Kit

How to Run a Successful Coaching Business

The Tools & Templates You Need to Succeed

All the Biz Forms, Client Letters & Coaching Tools You Need to Run Your Successful Practice

It may seem like everyone is a life coach of some kind, but every coach does not have a successful coaching business.

This Exciting Kit Includes:

  • *How To Run A Coaching Business
  • *New Client Kit: Jump Start a Successful Coaching Relationship
  • *How to Have the Sales Conversation that Gets You Paid
  • *Payment Letters: Letters to Help You Collect Money Owed
  • *Planning for Coaches
  • *Discovery Call Sessions that On-Board New Clients
  • *Manage Your Coaching Sessions with Ease
  • *Grow Your List, Grow Your Income
  • *Coaching Authority Plan

Coaching Business in a Box Kit Templates

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Coaching Guru Business Success Plan

How to Start a Coaching Business

The Qualities of a Great Coach

Do you know why some coaches are better than others?

There are certain qualities that a good coach has...

Expertise - while it certainly helps to have expertise in order to coach others, it doesn't always mean that just because you are an expert that you can coach.

Listeners - great coaches are good listeners for sure. You need to be able to identify what your student is telling you, and this isn't always as easy as it sounds.

Teacher - a good coach is definitely someone that knows how to teach another person. No two people will learn the same topic in the exact same manner. When necessary you may have to come up with innovative ways to help get your ideas across to your students.

Leadership - good coaches are viewed as leaders. Remember that as you coach a person they are going to pick up traits from you. They will follow your example so it is imperative that you display leadership qualities at all times.

Honest and Sincere - your coaching business will see more success when you run it in an honest and sincere fashion.

Enjoy helping others - this should be one of your main reasons for wanting to become a coach. You just love helping others and want them to enjoy the success that you have had and more.

Patience - coaching some people can be challenging. You may find that one of your students doesn't have the same grasp on a topic as another. It is up to you to try and find new ways to help them overcome this challenge in order to learn the lesson or step.

Engage with your clients - this is a key area that is sometimes overlooked in many coaching programs. Ensure that you allow enough time for your students to connect with you. If you are running a webinar add on extra time for a question and answer session. Or you might want to set up an online forum, Skype group or Facebook group where your students can access you.

Flexibility - a great coach is prepared to do what it takes to help their students succeed. This can sometimes mean giving more time to one student if necessary.

If you possess the above qualities then you should have no problems in setting up your own online coaching program.


We make it happen!

How to Start a New Coaching Business

Positive Success Stories

Starting a Coaching Business for Women

Spiritual Coaching Business Advice

Class Curriculum

  Getting Started
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  Masterclass: How to be Known as a Rockstar Coach
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  Masterclass: Defining Your Ideal Client
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  Masterclass: How to Attract Clients Who Can Pay You
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  Templates: New Client Enrollment + Set-Up Documents
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  Templates: Payment Letters
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  Templates: Client Magnetizing Letters
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  BONUS! Coaching Business Resources
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  Next Steps
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