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Whether you grew up poor or rich, we all received mixed messages about money. As a result, many of us have money blocks. What are money blocks? Money blocks are your B.S., your belief system that keeps you under-earning, over-worked and unable to receive all that you deserve.

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Hi! I'm Abiola, author of the award-winning Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love, founder of Spiritpreneur School and the Spiritpreneur Warrior Sisterhood. It's time for you to answer your calling and fulfill your sacred purpose. Let's take self-love to self-launch.


Lifestyle guru Abiola Abrams is a master coach, award-winning self-help author, Essence advice columnist, international speaker and founder of the empowerment hub, Womanifesting University. Her healing tools for women include The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love, African Goddess Affirmation Cards, meditation albums like Chakras on Fleek, and her Abundance Pray Love Goddess Retreat in Bali. Seen giving transformational advice on networks from MTV to the Discovery Channel, our grandmothers had “Dear Abby” and we have “Dear Abiola.”