2) Visibility Course Schedule [Timeline + Overview]

Key Days per Week During this Live Round of the Course:

a) Tuesdays at 6pm EST - Live lessons, access link posted and emailed on Tuesdays by 12pm EST.

b) Thursdays at 6pm EST - New lessons posted HERE in your Membership Area.

c) Fridays at 12pm EST - Q&A Group Coaching in the VIP Facebook Group.

d) Implementation Weeks vs Course Weeks: During implementation weeks, there are no new lessons in order to give you time to implement the teachings.

October 17 - October 27 is the current planned Implementation Period. Additional Implementation Weeks TBA will be added based on the needs of the group.

Watch the Video!

Welcome, Goddess!

Additional course details you need to know.

  1. There will be 9 modules of lessons, dispersed over 9 consecutive weeks.
  2. There will be Implementation Weeks, where everything will go "dark" so you can focus on getting the assignments done.
  3. Weekly lessons will be taught, broadcast and recorded live on Tuesdays at 6pm EST. Everything is recorded. If you can't make it, no worries. Go at your pace. Watch the replay.
  4. All video lesson replays and worksheets will be here in your Virtual Classroom.
  5. There is a VIP Facebook Group where you will share your assignments, thoughts, challenges, questions and triumphs.
  6. The weekly group coaching session, live Fridays at 12pm EST, is where all of your questions can be answered in a live, interactive format. If you can't make it, no worries! You can always ask your question and then watch the video replay.
  7. Dates may be switched or altered based on Abiola's assessment of the group's needs.